Donald  Teskey  


Born in Limerick, Donald Teskey studied at the Limerick College of Art and Design, before moving to Dublin where he has lived for over twenty years, painting and teaching at NCAD. He has long been an observer of the urban environment, trawling the littoral zone where townscape and “nature” overlap. However, as Andrew Lambirth wrote in an essay to accompany Teskey’s 1999 exhibition at the Rubicon, “he is no chronicler of neat public gardens; the well-worn lamp-post on the street-corner is a more favoured subject”. Like fellow Shannon-sider John Shinnors, Teskey’s canvases are carefully mapped out in terms of tone and chiaroscuro, creating a pervasive sense of mystery to his compositions. Human figures are in perpetual motion, “scurrying off stage left or right” on secret, personal errands. They are united with their environs however, by the vigorously applied impasto, which the artist applies with plasterers’ trowels, scraping back, repainting, and sculpting his paint in a rich, thick layer, covering all - humans, shop-fronts, housing façades, iron fence railings, lampposts - as one. Teskey’s work is in the permanent collections of the Arts Council, the Office of Public Works, the Haverty Trust, AIB, the Butler Gallery Kilkenny, Aer Rianta, and Great Southern Hotels, among many others.

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